An Excellent Distribution Company in Western Mindanao


Tres Alaz  is a company that commits itself to consistently delight its diverse customer base, relying on its team-spirited, competent, dynamic employee force who are energized by a strong sense of responsibility in serving community, company, family and self.

As such Tres Alaz is confident it will always be the leading distributor of choice amidst strong competitors, in Zamboanga and beyond.

  • Best in Distribution
  • Professional Employees
  • More than 3,000+ accounts and growing

„ The best distribution company we ever worked with. Fast, quick and great products.“Budget Wise



Company Location

Bangayan Warehouse, Tumaga-Porcecntro,

Zamboanga City, Philippines 7000

How To Contact Us

Phone: (062) 991-0964

(062) 993-2033

(062) 991-5464

Office Hours

Mondays-Saturday: 08:00 am – 5:00 pm


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