Our Vision

We are the distribution company of choice, having the widest reach and the best product placement, backed by superior infrastructure, driven by a team of highly competent and dynamic workforce


Our Mission

We aim to provide our community, easy access to products we carry, by making them readily available in all trade channels.

About Tres Alaz Corporation

Tres Alaz Corporation is a holding company with four (4) subsidiaries, namely, Philippine Reachwell Distribution Corp., Z.C. Urion Marketing Inc.,  M.M. Angel Marketing Inc and Coverbest Distributions Corporation; and is at the same time an operating distribution company as the exclusive distributor of Globe Telecom.

We employ a modern marketing and distribution system (that provides for regular evaluation, recommendation and implementation of marketing procedures) that would contribute to your brands growth and total customers’ satisfaction.

Our sales force is trained to deliver quality service to our customers while developing your products depth and reach. Our backroom support team is trained to deliver excellent customer service.

Tres Alaz Corporation started its distribution operation in 1989 (then known as POROCO) having only a team of 9 employees, today, Tres Alaz Corporation has substantially grown from its humble beginnings and is still growing.

Our warehousing and delivery capabilities have also optimally increased over the years, in accordance with the marketing requirements of our principals with the potential to expand should there be a need.

True to its vision, Tres Alaz Corporation is fast becoming the leader in distribution in Western Mindanao and beyond.